In the far west, where the archipelago ends and the open sea begins, you find the island of Marstrand with Carlsten Fortress at the top. The sailing town and seaside resort Marstrand is a favourite with visitors. It is home to a harbour filled with all kinds of boats, cosy homes along car-free streets, top restaurants and cafés, sun and salty swims, music and spectacle.

A short ferry ride across the strait brings you to the island of Marstrand, with a vibrant presence from the past mixed with trendy sailing jackets. On Marstrand, visitors can find both nightlife and quiet tranquillity depending on when they choose to go. Its cosy block, tiny alleys and nooks, the dominating fortress and ocean views at every turn, stir strong emotions. The jetties of Sweden’s largest guest marina are filled to the brim with boats of all sizes and the different regattas taking place year round, makes Marstrand the sailing capital of Sweden.

Herring, wealth, wild living, royalty, bathing, entertainments, sailing races. There has always been something to bring visitors to Marstrand. Ever since the Middle Ages Marstrand has exerted a special attraction, and has retained it up to our own days. The town of Marstrand was founded back in the 13th century by the Norwegian king Håkon Håkonsson. Sited way out on the edge of the archipelago, Marstrand was an ideal harbour, often ice-free and with mooring facilities regardless of the wind direction. It was for many years a major fishing centre and the starting point for international maritime trade. Directly to the west lies Skagen in Denmark, and the route from there was regularly followed by the old sailing boats.