Renova Miljö supports Dragon Gold Cup 2021

Renova Miljö is a waste management company based in the West of Sweden. Renova offer a holistic view on recycling and waste management for businesses and municipalities. Their aim is to deliver community benefit through business activities and to actively contribute to sustainable development within the region.

Renova Miljö AB is supporting the Dragon Gold Cup 2021 in the work of waste handling and help up us reach a sustainabile profile. The waste from the regatta activities will be locally collected, minimizing transports, and the waste will be sorted and recycled in the most optimum way.

Renova Miljö has taken on the challenge to identify and minimise the carbon footprint from all activities, and the waste trucks are therefore powered by biogas instead of fossil fuels, and the support combustion of the energy recycled parts of the waste is powered by bio oil instead of fossil alternatives. This is how Renova Miljö describes the company’s targets:


Here and now. You and I.

We are grateful to have Renova Miljö onboard, and welcome their contribution to the Dragon Gold Cup.